Perimeter Drainage Installation Edmonton
We offer a full featured drainage service that is up to code for both residential and commercial properties.

Our drainage services include:

  Excavation and preparation
  Dual permieter drainage installation
  Yard drainage
  Sump installation
  Foundation coating
  Drainage for driveways, patio decks, home foundation perimeter and more

The Process of Dual Perimeter Drainage
Dual perimeter drainage is important for the integrity of your homes foundation and structure.

We instal 2 separate drain systems:

    1) for ground water
    2) for roof water

It is important to separate the water collected from the gutters of your roof and water which absorbes from the ground.

Ground water drainage

Firstly, we excavate down to your homes foundation wall footing to expose the entire area of your foundation wall.

Once the area is cleared, we then pressure wash the entire area of your home foundation wall and inspect for any cracks or spalling. If cracks or spalling are found we clean and fill all damaged areas of the concrete foundation wall.

After any concrete repairs are done, we then apply two coatings of industrial grade rubberized emulsion concrete foundation sealer to the entire area of your home foundation wall. The foundation coating will not permit water to seep into the concrete surface, further protecting the foundation from cracking or leaking into your basement.

We then apply commercial grade dimple board to the foundation wall surface. This board deflects any water which is up against the foundation wall and directs it down the drainage pipe.

Once the dimple board is fastened we instal perforated CSA approved PVC drainage pipes under the basement floor elevation around the entire perimeter of your home. Additionally we instal 2 - 4 "cleanouts" at the corner(s) of your home to allow you access to the drainage system in the future. All drain pipes and fittings are primed and glued. The drain pipes will be sloped to your existing sump if you have one, or a sump which we will instal if you do not have one.

Now the drainge system is in place we back fill with clear crush drain rock, which guides the water towards the pipes and carried away from your home foundation wall and to the sump. We also install filter cloth to keep dirts away from the clear drainage rock which prevents from your pipes from clogging in the future.

The final stage is to back with the area and clean the site of any construction debris.

Our piping systems are fully tested along the way to ensure the water is being carried away 100%

Roof water drainage

The second set of drain pipe we instal is to collect and carry away the water which comes from your homes roof top.

We use CSA approves PVC piping, which is attached to your roof downspouts, and sloped away and carried to the sump.

Again, all fittings are primed and glued, and we instal a couple drainage "clean-outs", in case you need to access the drainage system in the future for cleaning.

We thoroughly test our drainage system along the eway and at completion of work to ensure their performance.

All of our perimeter drainage systems come with a full guarantee.

Our Perimeter Drainage System Samples
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Edmonton Drainage Installation Sample  Edmonton Drainage Installation Sample  Edmonton Drainage Installation Sample  Edmonton Drainage Installation Sample

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